Praise for Arms Race

Arms Race was released this week and has prompted some excellent people to write some lovely words. Here’s what people are saying about the short film, in no particular order:

“One of the craziest shorts I’ve ever seen! Well done, that was really, really well shot and edited. Zulu meets Metropolis via Dad’s Army…or something. Anyhow, congratulations!”

“Brilliant…. very Terry Gilliam.”

“Finally! I’ve been waiting ages for this and I’ve got to say I’m not disappointed! This short film was amazing – I’ve never come across steam punk before but I think it’s a brilliant idea.”

“Bloomin mental! In a completely positive way. Well done guys!”

“I’m planning on shooting a steampunk-style Jane Austen parody early next year, and the costumes and props here really gave me some inspiration. Excellent!”

And my personal favourite:

“Skikkelig imponerende!”

Click here to watch the film!

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