Arms Race in Australia

The Adelaide Fringe Festival was held at the start of March, purported to be second largest only to the Edinburgh Fringe, and Arms Race found its way to the Steampunk Spectacular, a weekend of wonderful props, costumes and steam-driven frivolity. All three nights sold out and themed movies were shown on a special STEAMPUNK MOVIE CONTRAPTION, including Arms Race which was apparently very well received.

Unfortunately none of us could be there, due to being inconveniently located in the UK (and while writer and actor Chris Burdett was coincidentally in the right country at the time, apparently Australia is quite big and he was on the wrong end), but it sounds like a great event. If you’d like to know more check out the Steampunk Spectacular website.

If anybody else would like to show Arms Race, give us a shout.

In other news…you haven’t heard the last of Arms Race.

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