From a small short film to a big web series

Arms Race clapperboard

Principal photography on Arms Race: Escalation continues apace, having now moved to interiors after the weekend’s epic outdoor shoots.

The web series has been designed to be much bigger in scope than the original short film. Check out some of these vital statistics:

  • 6 episodes, each approximately 4 minutes in length.
  • Two custom-built interior sets, complete with moveable walls and hidden panels.
  • A couple of greenscreen virtual areas with partial sets and tracking markers to free up the camera.
  • A dressed Victorian-era boardroom.
  • Several locations along the Norfolk coast – a particularly harsh environment to shoot in, with sand having a habit of getting everywhere.
  • Numerous forest locations on private land, giving us some particularly stunning rural landscapes.
  • A cast and crew of about 45, compared to the short film’s 20.
  • A ton of new, custom-built steamtech props. Make sure you check out our prop-building videos on our YouTube channel for a sneak peek!
  • Less than halfway through the shoot, we already have over 140GB of data. Erk.
  • More VFX shots in just the first episode than in the entire Arms Race short film.
  • A bigger VFX department, with the addition of 3D modeller and animator Mark Wickham.
  • Bigger camera department, with Tom Martin coming on board as DoP and main cameraman.
  • The short was shot on a single Panasonic HVX-200 camera with a single lens. The web series is being shot on multiple Canon 60D DSLRs with multiple lenses and other bits of fancy camera gear.
  • We have a helicam.

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